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About Equine Select

Equine Select pelletized animal bedding is packaged in 40lbs. bags.

Equine Select is designed to expel liquid from the stall at a very rapid rate. The product works a lot like kitty litter in that it absorbs and clumps, making stall clean up very easy because manure and the wet clumps are all that need to be taken out leaving only dry bedding in the stall. This function also helps keep waste to a minimum.

Equine Select also absorbs the ammonia typically found in the stall. This helps keep your barn smelling fresh and helps reduce common barn flies in the summer months.

When used properly Equine Select can reduce your bedding cost by 50 percent, over traditional bedding such as wood shavings and straw.

Equine Select also decreases the amount of time spent maintaining the stalls as well as disposing of waste, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your animals and less time cleaning up after them.

Equine Select will also reduce the size of your manure pile by as much as 50 percent, due to the fact that you are only throwing out the manure not your bedding. It is also biodegradable and works well with manure as a great fertilizer when spread on fields and used in gardens.

Pelletized animal bedding also takes up very little room compared to bulk products or compression bagged products. One 50 bag pallet only requires a 4’X4’X4’ area and can when used properly bed one horse for a whole year.

How To Use

When using Equine select, we recommend starting by emptying 2 bags per 10X10 stall, 3 bags per 12X12 stall. Do not be discouraged by what you believe to be a small amount of bedding. The bedding will expand as the animal moves around on it and within a few days you will have and ample amount of bedding. After a few days, if more depth is desired just add another bag.

It is possible to mist the stall with water upon initial application to help expand the pellet, but is not required.

We recommend that you pick the stall on a daily basis, removing any manure or clumps of wet. Finish by raking dry material back to center of stall.

Equine Select


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