Kitty Select

About Kitty Select

Kitty Select pelletized kitty litter is packaged in 10lb bags

  • Kitty Select is made from 100% all natural pine with no added chemicals
  • Kitty Select offers the pet owner the satisfaction of knowing you are providing the cleanest and safest environment possible for both you and your pet
  • Kitty Select is environmentally friendly and is 100% biodegradable
  • Kitty Select can be composted or safely disposed of with your other household waste
  • Kitty Select is Veterinarian endorsed and recommended for post operative care
  • Kitty Select will not irritate or contaminate wounds

How To Use

We recommend you place 1 to 3 inches of Kitty Select in the bottom of the litter box, skim product daily to remove solid waste and wet spots; replenish as needed.


Product ID Name Price Quantity
20 Kitty Select - 10# $2.99
21 Kitty Select - 20# $5.99
22 Kitty Select - 40# $11.99
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