Premium Animal Bedding


Pet Select pelletized bedding for small animals is made from dust free and non-toxic paper fibers. It neutralizes odors, and keeps the cage dry and fresh. It is specially formulated for cats, small dogs, rabbits, guinea pig, ferrets, hamsters, birds and all types of reptiles.

The most important thing to consider with any animal bedding is absorbency and odor control. Pet Select’s superior odor control is accomplished due to its extreme absorbing capabilities. Pet select neutralizes ammonia odors and keeps your pet’s cage or litter box dry and fresh.

Pet Select is made from paper fibers. It is dust free and non toxic. During the manufacturing process Pet Select is heat sterilized which protects your pets from mold and bacteria that can be found in other bedding. Pet Select is the ideal bedding for post operative care. It is non abrasive and will not irritate or contaminate wounds.

Pet Select is made from 100% recycled paper and is biodegradable. This product can be composted or safely disposed of with your other household waste.

Recommended use:

Place 1 to 3 inches of Pet Select animal bedding in the bottom of the cage or litter box. Skim product daily to remove solid waste and wet spots. Replenish as needed.